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About us

Podripska skola is a privately owned school organisation which follows The Czech National Curriculum. Our vision is to be the best stepping stone for the future life of our students. We want to prepare our youth for a global start in life. Our motto is “...give all students the opportunity to become successful!”

For being a private school, we offer you always something more...

  • There is friendly and motivating atmosphere at our school. Because we are a small school, everybody knows each other.
  • Podřipská school provides students textbooks for free! Students put a downpayment on textbooks and when returning them, the school retains 10% for a renewal of the textbooks fund.
  • Every first year student of subjects terminated with a graduation will get his/her own netbook for free! 
  • Although we are a private school, you do not have to pay school fees at all.
  • Graduates will obtain, aside from a graduation certificate, also an EUROPASS certificate
  • Our students have the ISIC cards, which are used, among other things, as an identification device for entering the school, because in the entrance are located scanners for an acces and for an attendance electronic system. 
  • Podřipská school have above-standard equipment, mainly in the area of ICT and relevant vocational subjects.
  • Podřipská school is first-rate.
    • It gained a cerificate of providing high-standard education from The Association of Private Schools in the Czech Republice.
    • More than 3000 of the satisfied graduates enriched our school with valuable experience. 
    • During a period of its twenty-year existence our school guarantees quality and represents stability on the education market. 
    • All potential problems are solves individually with an emphasis on customer's contentment.
  • For improving of our service contributes also memberships in different proffessional organizations:
    • Association of Education of Adults in the Czech Republic, o.s. 
    • Association of Private Schools of Czech, Moravia and Silesia
    • Asociation of Hotels and Restaurants
    • Chamber of Economic in Most
    • MAS Podřipsko

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Soukromá podřipská střední odborná škola a střední odborné učiliště o. p. s.
nám. Jana z Dražic 169, 413 01 Roudnice nad Labem

telefon +420 416 839 064    E-MAIL info@podripskaskola.cz


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